Welcome to Susan York’s site

There are a lot of titles you can use to describe Susan York – artist, writer, stylist, photographer, speaker, mother, singer, dreamer… woman!!! So many words because so many things are happening right now in the life of Susan York.

Her first book, All She Wrote, is now available in print. Inspired by a true story of a dear client’s fight with cancer, the book is moving and inspiring. Read more on Susan’s Writings page.

Susan’s art is contemporary; mixed media often as a collage that is often a blend of natural elements and bold colors to create her works. Her artwork is being shown frequently at different venues. Susan’s creative genius stems from a creative soul that is inherently FEARLESS – and constantly striving to develop her talent. The fearless part comes naturally to Susan. She continues to inspire others to be all they dream to be. Her photography is another media that Susan tackles with excitement and creativity, hoping the images captures what her mind sees.

Please read Susan’s blog to hear her own thoughts on the events on the horizon and her perspective on LIFE. Thanks for visiting!!!